Sunday, 16 August 2015

Matchbox repaints - Frost Fighter

A few months ago I finished repainting a couple of Matchbox "Frost Fighter" vehicles.  These are presumably inspired by some of the various tracked Land Rover versions which have appeared over the years.  They'll be ideal vehicles for pioneering explorers on low-tech colony worlds.  They have already appeared in the background of one or two of my battle reports.

The yellow one is your basic exploration model, brightly coloured so it's easy to locate.

Decals from GW Space Marines and an old Italeri "F19 Stealth Fighter".

GZG Ravager for scale.

Additional stowage in the form of a resin crate, Brigade Models jerry cans and a hand sculpted stowage roll.
I'd imagine the orange vehicle being some sort of mining survey, hence the explosive warning marking on the back door.  Must be carrying geological survey charges or something similar.

Brigade Models jerry cans, The Scene ammo box, hand sculpted canvas roll and a short piece of chain.

Another GZG Ravager for scale.

Decals from random model kits plus Veni Vidi Vici hazard markings.

The 2 repaints plus an original model.

Headlamp detail.

Rear view.  Brigade Models jerry can, Chieftain stowage bin from a now-defunct 1/72 company.
At some point one or other of them will probably be the focal piece of scenery for a game scenario - the expedition has gone missing, leaving behind their vehicle (and perhaps a couple of's wrecked tents), search the surrounding area and rescue them from whoever (or whatever) has captured them...