Thursday, 4 September 2014

Brigade Models new accessories

Stowage is something I always like to try and add to my vehicles but my stock of old 1/72 scale items is gradually running out.  Fortunately Brigade Models are leaping to the rescue with their fantastic range of new accessory packs.  These should prove very useful for my current projects!

SF15-1250 Fuel tanks and stowage boxes.
The fuel tanks and stowage boxes are designed for their Neo-Soviet tanks but are easily used with any other model with little or no alteration.

SG15-006a Tank Crew in helmets.
Crew figures will no doubt come in useful for many vehicles.  A good range of useful poses.

SF15-908 circular hatches.
 The round hatches happen to be exactly the right size for my converted Matchbox APCs.

Crew and hatches in situ.

SF15-909 rectangular hatches.

SG15-911 Pintle mount railguns.
Please excuse the half-painted Matchbox M-ATV, this happened to be handy nearby to show the scale of the weapons and how they could fit onto a vehicle.  Gun shields will be trimmed off whichever weapons I decide to mount on these so that they sit snugly in the M-ATV's moulded-on integral gun shields.

SG15-911 railgun detail.

SG15-913 Pintle mount tribarrel.
I went for tribarrels rather than 6-barrelled gatlings because the tribarrels looked slightly longer, less stubby.

SG15-913 detail.

SG15-906 vehicle stowage.
 The most useful set - you get a lot for your money and I like the way that the jerry cans come with and without vehicle racks so you can choose where/how to use them.  Vehicle racks are on both sides so you can vary which way you have the cans facing.  The larger stowage boxes are very nice too.

SG15-906 vehicle stowage alternative view.
All in all, these are excellent value and will really help to add the little finishing touches that give a vehicle that "lived-in" look.  Most of the items had fairly obvious mould lines but these scrape off without much bother.  Handy tip: leave the jerry cans on the sprue while you scrape off the mould lines, it makes them far easier to hold! You can bend each one out of the way when you've cleaned it up and snip them all off afterwards.

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