Wednesday, 6 June 2012


 I got the USE-ME Zombie Dawn rules set from a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to play it until now.  A very quick game featuring some GZG security & armed colonists trying to escape from a  horde of Rebel Minis zombies with additional unarmed GZG civilians standing in for extra zombies.

A 3-person mining crew from IMEC (Interstellar Mining & Extraction Consortium) have returned to the town to find it unusually quiet and apparently deserted.  They make their way to the company offices only to find them empty and apparently abandoned.  Suddenly a couple of security officers appear along with a civilian lugging a missile launcher - quick, some sort of plague epidemic, they must escape now!  As they turn to run back to their trucks on the far side of the town, the groaning hordes shamble into view...

(Zombies marked with a red zed!  Double-zombie bases are "zombie brutes", big extra-tough creatures.)

The group start their run back across the town...
 Thanks to some extremely poor shooting it took at least three turns before they hit any zombies!

Half way there - but more zombies in sight!

One of the IMEC crew is attacked by 2 zombies even as he gets within sight of the trucks!  Although he manages to kill one, he is severely wounded by the other.

Look out!
 The zombie hordes close in.  Surely the end is near?  Using the missile launcher at too short a range means that one of the IMEC crew is injured by the blast!  She has three zombies closing on her but only a pistol to defend herself.  After her string of misses and friendly-fire incidents, the civilian with the missile launcher succumbs to the zombies on the right - and immediately rises again as one of the undead!
A target rich environment - shame no-one can shoot straight!
The humans are getting overwhelmed, only 3 survivors left... and then the female IMEC employee falls to her three attackers.

More zombies follow the blood trails round the corner.
The female cop decides to split, abandoning the last wounded IMEC employee to his fate.

Surrounded, he is torn apart by zombies!
Within metres of the trucks, the security officer is also overwhelmed and devoured!

Too late!  The last survivor goes to her grisly fate!
All 6 survivors have been killed (though 3 have re-animated to join the zombie horde).

With no-one to carry warning of the outbreak, what will happen next?

A fun little game, easy rules to use though a couple of bits don't seem to make sense but I'm sure it'll become easier with the next game.


  1. Nice report Paul. Looking forward to seeing some more.

  2. nice AAR good pictures as well. Look forward to the next one. The dice gods suck some time guess this movie doesn't have a happy ending then!

    1. Sadly no - but in the best Hollywood tradition, it's been left open ended for a sequel!