Sunday, 11 December 2011

Mission to Magpet

All communication with Magpet has ceased.  Now, I know what you're thinking: "Is it just a downed transmitter, or could a Xenomorph be involved?".

This is not just some small colony with technical problems.  It’s a large, heavily settled planet with several major cities and a score of large comms uplinks.  A catastrophic event on a planetary scale is the only thing that can have disrupted communications in such a way.  A merchant vessel was diverted to Magpet two weeks ago to investigate, but nothing has been heard since. 

The objective of the Magpet Investigatory Force is to locate the merchant, ascertain what has happened on the surface of Magpet, and evaluate the situation to determine what follow up course of action is required.  As the events that have befallen Magpet are unknown at the present time, a full technical and engineering crew will be sent, with the ability to set up a complete new deep space comms relay if required.  A strong military force will also be attached, including power armour troops and hostile-world trained personnel with combat environment suits.

To be continued...

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