Saturday, 29 January 2011


GZG's Phalons don't seem to get much publicity, which is a shame as they're good little figures that are satisfyingly alien in appearance with their semi-organic weaponry.

They're similar in some ways to GZG's Crusties, with their exoskeletons and hoof-like feet.

Mine have been painted with Humbrol 29 dark earth for the arms and legs, Vallejo bonewhite for the weapons, head and torso carapace, and GW rotting flesh for the facial features. Watered down Vallejo sepia ink was washed all over the figures, then they received a drybrush of the base colour again. Final highlights were pure white over the bonewhite and bonewhite over the brown. Eyes were dotted in with GW goblin green (I tried GW worm purple first, but it just didn't show up enough). The difference in colours looks very subtle here, but in reality it's much more noticeable.

The rear view shows the knobbly organic texture on the carapace, a real pleasure to drybrush as the detail springs to life.

This is only part of the pack; 3 riflemen and a plasma gunner. Still to be painted are the HW trooper, officer and other riflemen. I'll review the whole lot when they're all finished, and try to get some better photographs too!

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  1. The one problem I have with GZG are the lack of a lot of pics on their site. In fact, this is the first time I've ever seen the Phalons, so thanks!

    They look good, from the looks of their battleships though I would've expected their weaponry to be a lot more phallic!