Saturday, 17 July 2010

The "Z-Wagon" ready for action!

Grumpy's survivalist "Z-wagon" caravan is ready to take on the zombie hordes!

It took a while to decide on a colour scheme, and after a quick play on photoshop, my wife Laura had to be called in to provide her opinion. Here's what we thought...

White - too like an ambulance.

Red - too like a fire engine.

Black - too like the A-team!

Green - quite good.

Blue - that's the one!

Here are some more pictures of the finished article. Black undercoat was followed by Humbrol acrylic matt 104 oxford blue, highlighted using successively lighter layers of an oxford blue + white mixture. I was thinking of adding some rust patches, but I rather like this as it is. It looks weathered, but well maintained, which is the effect that I was after.

The red stripe was added using humbrol matt 60 scarlett (why does humbrol scarlet have the extra "t" at the end?) with a dash of matt 33 black added to make it slightly darker. A lighter stripe of pure matt 60 scarlett was added to highlight the top of the stripe and the the edges. The petrol cans are matt 32 dark grey with matt 64 light grey highlights, and the same goes for the coiled cable from the missile launcher. Lights were painted in citadel colour acrylics - skull white base, followed by red gore and red gore/sunburst yellow mix as appropriate.

Front headlights are citadel mithril silver.

The wooden crate is humbrol matt 29 dark earth, with a drop of matt 33 black added for the shading and some skull white added for the highlights.

Wooden parts of the tools are painted using the same colour mix as the crate, and the pick-axe and shovel heads have been left matt black for now.

Here are Grumpy and friends preparing to repel the zombie horde - click on the image for a larger view.

(GW fantasy zombies used for a forced perspective photograph - that will have to do until I get by Rebel Minis zombie hordes assembled and painted!)


  1. Looks great, you've done a nice job here. I especially love your last photo of the bunch, kudos!

  2. I think it looks good in Oxford Blue with the stripe. Well done.