Tuesday, 11 May 2010

GZG Fast Recon

My NAC Marines obviously need some sort of reconnaisance elements. I have a light gunsled, but I fancied something else for a little variety.

When I spotted the Slammers infantry on skimmers (SG15-HS3) in the GZG catalogue, I decided to add a pack to my order to see what they were like. They're great! You get 4 one-piece castings of skimmer & rider. All 4 are the same pose, but it would be pretty easy to do a headswap or two if desired. I've painted mine to match my NAC Marines. Although they aren't quite the same as the NAC troops, I can just use the excuse that these little chaps have lighweight recon armour and cut-down carbines instead of the standard-issue combat gear. When they're painted, you don't really notice the difference much anyway.

I've already got another pack ready to paint, and I may add a squad of dismounted slammers infantry to my next order too.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, these little guys are pretty cool. My biggest pet peeve is the lack of a lot of pics in the GZG store.