Thursday, 14 January 2010

Yet another 15mm Sci-Fi blog!

Well, I thought it was about time that I joined in the fun and started a blog of my own. I've been meaning to sort out a web site for years but never got around to it, but the inspiration from all those other blogs out there has finally overcome my inherent laziness.

Although I'll try to add things at least once a week, this blog won't be updated as often as many out there - mainly because anything I want to add will involve a trip to the library in the next village in order to use their computers!

I'll be covering mainly 15mm sci-fi miniatures & modelling, though the odd 1/300th ("Epic" scale item might creep in, as will a few starships...

What's a blog without a few pictures? Here are a few snaps of the start of my 15mm army, along with some home-made scenery:

First, some GZG NAC marines.

Then a familiar looking team of space adventurers...

Light Vac-suits from GZG

A new use for a repainted Mechwarrior construction 'Mech (10mm but fits in nicely as a big robot for 15mm!)

Next time, I'll try and get a few close-ups of my NAC marines along with some notes on how they were painted.



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